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Postby Maestro on Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:21 am

Elite Gaming Club (e3) - established in 27th December, 2011 - is now one of the strongest clans of "Grand Theft Auto IV". Starting as "The Brothers of Death" ("TBOD"), the clan made its great progress as the most skillful crew in "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City". Later, united with the rest of an old "I2" clan forming"e3". The team's history knows a lot of victories on the multiplayer's field, and now the clan can challenge any other cybersport community of "Grand Theft Auto".

After the sucess in GTA IV & EFLC, Elite is looking for the same goals in GTA V.

Important Dates:
6th December, 2010 -> Foundation of TBOD.
21st April, 2011 -> Foundation of I2.
6th December, 2011 -> 1 Year Anniversary of TBOD.
27th December, 2011 -> Fusion of TBOD & I2, forming e3.
27th December, 2012 -> 1st Year Anniversary of e3.
27th December, 2013 -> 2nd Year Anniversary of e3.
27th December, 2014 -> 3rd Year Anniversary of e3.
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