SuperKiller1985 Recruitment [DENIED]

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SuperKiller1985 Recruitment [DENIED]

Postby KN TERMINATOR29 on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:46 pm

IMPORTANT Read " Any comments " thx

Games For Windows LIVE GT : KN TERMINATOR, AoD Tw1St3D,JasonKilledYou, I Pwnd You I
Age :29
Country : Portugal
Old GTs and Old Clans ( Link of the YouTube Channel if it exists ) : AoD, TGF, BFT, and last clan SL ( Someone delect my YT clan account and i think Maestro and Fuzion know about that so i dont have YT channel for Clan )
Xfire Username ( Link is required ) : i dont use xfire now
YouTube Channel ( Link is required if it exists ) : ... jkk8unjpMA
How Did you hear about Us ? : I know people inside this for years even before e3 exist
Your Favorite modes ? : TDM
Your Favorite Weapon ? : mp5
Time, zone and Location (GMT +/- ... ) : lisbon ( Portugal )
How will you contribute to our clan ? : With skills, and make hatters very mad :) i am very good with that :D

For How long do you play GTA IV, EFLC and Max Payne 3 ? : since day 1 he come.
What's your type of player (Rusher, Hider, Camper, Fast Paced, Slow Paced) ? : Depend, good players need to see to know the skill of oponents if they suck i rush if they are good i can rush but i like more open and play with strategy
Evaluate your Skills level (0% to 100%) ? :80% or maybe more i dont know 20% skills have people with more than 340 fps and all pros know that :)

Do you play other games ? : yes
Do you have skills in real life like making videos, websites, banners or signatures, etc ... ? : i make videos in sony vegas terminator pro 12 :D

Any comments ? : Dua1ity can join and stay in e3 just because he play good GTA IV, even when that guy is lier like ****, and false, and friend of all hatters of e3 Like deso and IDeEI chaeters noobs, even when people know what he do to me ( get my account, delect all my cars, garages , caracter, etc, delect my 32 millions and all special things i have in that caracter ) nobody do nothing. So i think i know why i dont get acept i need be retard like that to join? because i have a lot of skill in GTA V i am one of best players in that game, in missions, TDMs etc.. Other important thing i am here only because i work very hard to be pro to play with my friend Maestro in GTA V i have best Clan name ever BTPP ( Brother Team Pro Players ) and best emblem ever in a Crew, so my objective here its only playing with my friend nothing more. Image

The links K/D Image:

Score vs guys big rank big rape ( just one recent but i have much more) :

Any Suggestions ? : Yes , open your eyes i am not perfect but inside of this clan have one guy 100000% more retard than me.
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