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Postby Maestro on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:35 pm

Big lmao on this.
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Re: Sardyna

Postby AbZy on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:22 am

So i will state my opinion to the points mentiones by him. It's simple crticism which is ok no need to laugh at it from my side.

1. First of all i don't see how we are responsible for Sardyna having a worse ranking in Turf War than he thinks he actually deserves, as he doesn't give any explanation it appears rather random and funny to me. For the second thing people dont really increase their running speed at 100+ fps its a bug at about 400+fps but anyway certain movements and animations will be quicker and so result into more fluid and smooth gameplay. This is not an advantage caused by us though, but his hardware is giving him a DISADVANTAGE. It's always hard to achieve fun for everyone as people have different opinions on what "fun" means, it should be in a healthy balance imo without anyone getting harrassed or personally offended.

2. Xpolo is a well known ex cheater yeah and i think theres much space for crticism on him, i won't go into detail because i bet certain people would go mad about it ;) However he contributed to the video that's why he gets the credit for it. If you can't stand seeing his model in short sequences then nobody forces you to watch it but i don't see why it should be more of a deal, the TDM community was actually represented in balance.

3. Everyone can have his own opinion on jetfire, he made a good video tho so appreciate it or ignore it if its too much about a deal for you.
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Re: Sardyna

Postby Deadly on Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:10 am

My thoughts :
1. I seriously, seriously, died of laughter, 100+ fps and run like a car AHAHAHA! omg ,still laughing, ok you've got it then don't play with maestro if you find him hard to kill and 'ruin' your fun, that's it problem solved. no need to put a pile of bullsh*t like cheating..etc, and if his hardware is THAT powerful and he plays it very smooth so it helps him so much at aiming or playing, so it's not 'us' . simply your hardware is not powerful enough to match his,to ' feel ' how smooth it is.

2. Yes Xpolololo is ex-cheater like abzy said and everyone knows it, and he must get his credit for being involved in the video so what's your problem? seeing his model? ohhh that's so harsh! don't watch the video if you don't like it then, simple.

3. You shouldn't talk about jetfire that way, he's a good player, good editor and most important respects everyone,
he can have his OPINION about people, like you have opinions and you have the right's to say, but not to insult sorry. and by the way what do you mean by ' stay away from multiplayer ' , what is the game for your dad maybe? he can do whatever he likes to.

at the end, I wish you to have fun in GTA IV x)
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Re: Sardyna

Postby DrolleR on Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:20 am

1. Like abzy said you can take the advantage of running faster only if you have more than 400 fps. Do not accuse ppl of cheating if you don`t have a proper proof and like above is already told, just leave the match if you dont want to play with anyone from our clan. Following your point of view i can say you are one of the worst lagger in gta 4 so you screw up my gameplay either

2. Xpolo used to cheat but now he doesn`t to do it anymore, and actually it is your problem you still don`t respect him and stop calling to others that they are ugly or something `cause probably you are not a beautiful one and the only thing you can do is just whine behind screen. Since when have you started care of ranked matches ? If noone cares anyway.

3. He is not "dumb" he respects many players and don`t even know why do you call him like that, you should stay out of multiplayer games too unless you will buy a better connection. Your point of view

Peace .
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Re: Sardyna

Postby Grzechu96pl on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:10 pm

hahaha well i guess some stuff he said MIGHT be true :twisted: but i also think that anyone who cares about TS or leaderboads in gta these days is a f*cking moron. anyway i wouldnt go as far as saying sardyna is exactly 100% clean ;] about polodave... for me (and a maybe few others) a cheater is always cheater. ofc im not gonna get f*cking *****y about it every time coz wcyd its just funny how u can easily change ur rep by making a few frag movies and gameplays on a rocketship pc and have people worship you, but thats just the gta community x)) i do miss the older times when i saw maniek cry about people cheating and that just broke my f*cking heart every time <3 ah yes... (:
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