H3aR ;] [Denied]

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H3aR ;] [Denied]

Postby H3aR on Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:07 pm

Games For Windows LIVE GT : H3aR
Age : 19
Country : Poland
Old GTs and Old Clans ( Link of the YouTube Channel if it exists ) : SxS, I8I, OPG, IKI, KN, R2D, UmK
Xfire Username ( Link is required ) : h3ar
YouTube Channel ( Link is required if it exists ) :
How Did you hear about Us ? : I played with you and interested in you
Your Favorite modes ? : Dm and Tdm
Your Favorite Weapon ? : Mp5 and Uzi
Time, zone and Location (GMT +/- ... ) : 18:54:39, wtorek 03, kwiecień 2012 CEST
How will you contribute to our clan ? :

For How long do you play GTA IV and EFLC ? : GTA IV - 4, EFLC - 3
What's your type of player (Rusher, Hider, Camper, Fast Paced, Slow Paced) ? : Hmm Fast Paced, Camper and Hider
Evaluate your Skills level (0% to 100%) ? : 81

Do you play other games ? : Call Of Duty 4, NFS Hotpursuit
Do you have skills in real life like making videos, websites, banners or signatures, etc ... ? : So I like to make movies is my passion
Any comments ? : I do not know;]
Any Suggestions ? : I do not know;]
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Re: H3aR ;]

Postby Maestro on Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:22 pm

Ohai, thanks for your application, we will see you ingame and try to play some games. Then we see what we decide.
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Re: H3aR ;] [Denied]

Postby AbZy on Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:55 pm

Yo hear!
Sorry but i have to deny this one.
You're a known cheater in this game and i also disliked your attitude
back when we played the 2v2s as I2 against you, when you where a member
of SxS. It's nothing personal but we mean to play serious matches where the opponent
has to be able to trust in our attitude. A sorry for that, i have to close this application.
Greetings, AbZy
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