GTA Maniac - Recruitment [Denied]

Feeling elit3? Give it a shot and apply!

GTA Maniac - Recruitment [Denied]

Postby GTA Maniac on Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:40 am

Games For Windows LIVE GT : GTA Maniac
Age : 17
Country : India (I DONT LAG)
Old GTs and Old Clans ( Link of the YouTube Channel if it exists ) : None :roll:
Xfire Username ( Link is required ) :
YouTube Channel ( Link is required if it exists ) : Nope :(
How Did you hear about Us ? : Played with you ......all are my friends on Xfire :D
Your Favorite modes ? : DM and TDM
Your Favorite Weapon ? : MP5 and Uzi
Time, zone and Location (GMT +/- ... ) : +5:30
How will you contribute to our clan ? : By giving my 200% :D

For How long do you play GTA IV, EFLC and Max Payne 3 ? : GTA IV = 2 years (inactive for a while in between ...studies :oops: )
EFLC = its been a year but i dont play much
Max Payne 3 = also a year .....played in between but dont like it much (have screenshots at xfire)
What's your type of player (Rusher, Hider, Camper, Fast Paced, Slow Paced) ? : Rusher and Fast paced ...... sometimes a camper too :)
Evaluate your Skills level (0% to 100%) ? : in my opinion 70% but it all depends on you....

Do you play other games ? : MP3,COD,Assassins Creed,Batman,Splinter Cell,NFS and much more :mrgreen:
Do you have skills in real life like making videos, websites, banners or signatures, etc ... ? : Yeah pretty good editing skills but i didnt upload any videos (****ty internet connection ..... but i dont LAG :geek: )
Any comments ? : :D
Any Suggestions ? : Please dont say i am a lagger without testing as u said to other indians ;)
GTA Maniac
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Re: GTA Maniac - Recruitment

Postby Reaper on Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:51 pm

Hello maniac, welcome to the forum!
We're glad you want to join us, but since we don't really rush into searching for new people for IV anymore (cuz there's no point, the game is dead and gfwl is going down soon too), so don't get your hopes too high.. more and more of us will be playing V now, so if you would like, you can play with us at any time as soon as gta online is available.

Laters. :)
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Re: GTA Maniac - Recruitment

Postby Phantasy on Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:23 pm

Hi man my opinion is the same i dont see the future here in IV i know u are good player but this game is dead so u can play with us gta online on ps3 or u can play with us on pc when came out peace man ! :D
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Re: GTA Maniac - Recruitment

Postby GTA Maniac on Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:27 am

@ Reaper and Phantasy (kendzi) i know you both are right. I dunno why i felt so elit3 at the time of applying even after V is released.........
Currently i don't have a console so if V releases on PC i will surely reapply

I would like e3 Maestro to close this topic as now there is no point :geek:

PS- Maestro i would still like to play a 1v1 with you :)
GTA Maniac
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Re: GTA Maniac - Recruitment

Postby Maestro on Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:54 pm

Everything has been said by Reaper and Phantasy. IV officialy died for us. We left IV around March of this year, but we kept playing it casually, in the summer we officialy left it because the game was dead and it still is. Elit3 will return to active when Rockstar launches V for PC. Meanwhile I do have about 4 videos to release on Elite Channel, so stay tunned x). Untill there we play it on PS3 as another crew,"YEAH", with other guys that are not even from e3. Also we play in Special Force 2 as "Wolfpack" aswell with other players that do not make part of the GTA Community.
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