e3 vs t Oo t [GTA IV & GTA EFLC:TBoGT] [13-08-2012]

Wanna challenge us? Give us a holler, but be prepared...

e3 vs t Oo t [GTA IV & GTA EFLC:TBoGT] [13-08-2012]

Postby Reaper on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:08 pm

Yesterday we met a japanese/korean clan called t Oo t (renamed SKD), so we challenged them for 2v2.

1st round : TBoGT
bsplayer 2012-08-14 14-56-40-64.png

e3 24-10 t Oo t

2nd round : IV
bsplayer 2012-08-14 15-00-12-66.png

e3 24-15 t Oo t
(images taken from video)

Overall: e3 48-25 t Oo t

'Best of' moments of CW :
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