e3 vs ISI [23-08-2012] [GTA IV]

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e3 vs ISI [23-08-2012] [GTA IV]

Postby Maestro on Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:55 pm

One of the best clans ever "The Skullz", we did some matches for fun, overall there was 10 rounds played on a good athmosphere. 6 Rounds played on 23rd August, 2012 and the rest of 4 rounds played on 24th August, 2012.

1st Round

e3 46-20 ISI

2nd Round

e3 46-45 ISI

3rd Round

e3 42-29 ISI

4th Round

e3 46-45 ISI

5h Round

e3 44-46 ISI

6th Round

e3 24-15 ISI

7th Round

e3 46-31 ISI

8th Round

e3 40-48 ISI

9th Round

e3 46-44 ISI

10th Round
I didn't played this round, I wasn't even on server, so I haven't got screenshot, even tho the sources say we lost the match-
e3 26-47 ISI

Overall: e3 406-370 ISI
e3 7-3 ISI
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