e3 & nabeel vs N1/IWI [02-04-2013]

Matches usually not on schedule. Let's get spontaneous bi*ch!

e3 & nabeel vs N1/IWI [02-04-2013]

Postby Reaper on Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:10 pm

1st round

e3 & nabeel 35-43 N1/IWI

2nd round
hold up, 0-5 pro score needs rejoin

nabeel gets kicked in the last moments of the match for some reason... i guess so big boys don't look like they lost a 3v3

e3 & nabeel 49-32 N1/IWI (approximate result based on the scores of each team)

Overall: e3 & nabeel 84-75 N1/IWI

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