Changes and Inactivity kicks #3

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Changes and Inactivity kicks #3

Postby Maestro on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:47 pm

I gathered some feedback from some members of this Team and we came to the conclusion that some members do not fit in the team and we will now close it down to a small number. So now we're keeping only the group that often speaks to everyone and has no problems joining up a skype/teamspeak conversation to play GTA together. Inactivity of some kind is also one of the reasons.

Here is the players that won't be part of the Elite Team from now on: Outlaw, Infexion, AntoPrivat, jetfire, and Phantasy. For Outlaw the reason is simple, He isn't in good terms with us for some unknown reason, he just blocked everyone and never got in touch again. For Infexion I had made him a Representative due to his inactivity and to be honest we came to the conclusion that this class is useless, since he doesnt play any games and doesnt intent in doing it acording to the last conversation I had with him he will no longer be a member. Anto was originally a Representative, kinda lost contact with him and I see he is playing under another CREW. As for phantasy we could never play together that much and he isnt the type of guy that fits in the team, he just plays casualy and I dont think he needs to be in a Team or anything like that.

Team Members: Abzy ,Reaper , Maestro, FuZioN, Duality, Omega and Syncro.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The players that you see on the MUSCLE SECTION of our Social Club Crew (link bellow) are NOT OFFICIAL e3 Members. People are welcome in our CREW if they wanna play GTA V and such but to be a Official Member they must apply here.

Happy new 2k16 everyone.
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