Application Format (Read this before applying)

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Application Format (Read this before applying)

Postby Maestro on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:22 pm

Dear applicant,

we consider the following things necessary for all candidates:
1 - Never give up or run away from a challenge
2 - Always wear your crew tag.
3 - Respect other players
4 - Never Cheat.

Use the following format to apply:

Rockstar Games Social club nickname:
Alt accounts and crews:
Steam username (Link is required):
YouTube channel (Link is required if it exists) :
How did you hear about e3?:
Time zone and location:
How are you going to contribute?:

For how long have you played GTA V?:
What's your type of player (RNGer, tryhard or both?):
Evaluate your skill level from 0 to 100:

Do you play other games?:
Any video editing skills or graphic design such as making banners?:
Any comments?:
Any Suggestions?:

Good Luck !
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